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I am always on the lookout to spend my hard earned on some sort of gadget that I really need just didn't realise it. This is my personal choice and I welcome comments and feedback or even possible alternatives.


Please Note! The website links detailed below are where I purchased the items from or suitable alternative websites I have found because I can't remember where I bought the item from. These are not the only source for these items.


Many options here and can I pick one? No, unfortunately not. I've managed to get it down to three. These selections are based predominantly on weather conditions, site facilities and how far I am travelling.

Option 1 - Kyham Biker


I seem to keep returning to this one. Good in the wet, not so good in high winds. It is also quite bulky when packed so you need to bear this in mind. Quick to erect and pack away. Footprint essential as bedroom area floor is not the most robust.


Available freely throughout the internet.



Option 2 - Coleman Phad X3



Smaller than the Biker but offers good wind protection I think this is due to the fact that the poles cross and support each other. Therefore under extreme wind conditions the load is shared. I find it packs down well and is light. Not advisable for the taller biker. I'm 5ft 9" and find myself having to sleep diagonally to try and avoid touching the inner and outer tent together. Coleman don't offer a specific footprint for this tent but I highly recommend one. I just purchased a tarp from Decathlon and tuck it between the inner and outer tent forming a sort of bath tub groundsheet.


Available freely throughout the internet. Think I bought mine off Amazon whilst it was on offer.



Option 3 - Decathlon T2 Ultralite


Packs so small and is very light. Entrance to the tent is an art as the porch area can accommodate nothing more than a pair of boots and a helmet. But for pack size it has a good sleeping area. Again, like the Phad X3, no specific footprint available. I use a decathlon tarp again.


Whichever tent I am using I always have an insulated picnic type blanket to cover the sleeping area floor. Helps keep warm, easy to clean and protects the floor from above.


Torch - LED Lenser - L7

Great little torch.

Click Here for website



Tent Lighting Option 1 - RCO Candle Lantern


Nice little lantern that also takes the chill off.
Click Here for website



Tent Lighting Option 2 - Tesco LED Light

Handy light designed to be hung in the tent. Has two settings, on or off. It also has a magnetic hook to enable the light to be pointed straight down and an integrated hook for pointing horizontally.

Still looking for link, I picked it up off the shelf from the local Tesco Store.


Helinox Chair One


Packs small and is very light. Rated up to 145kg kilos so I haven't got to worry yet. Very comfy but the flexibility/movement of the chair takes a little getting used to.


Winter Sleeping Bag - Snug Pack Antartica

Although bulky to pack, thats the last thing on your mind at four in the morning when everyone else is shivering.


Click Here for website


Sleeping Bag - Snug Pak Expanda Panel


If you don't like the confinement of a mummy sleeping bag this is a good addition. Really increases the shoulder width, yes I have wide shoulders, no ther reason for buying this ;)


Click Here for website


Summer Sleeping Bag - Decathlon Quechua S0 Ultralightdown



Packs small, very warm. A little tight. I think the trick is don't try and turn in the bag, turn as one. Comfort 1 Degree C, Limit -5 Degrees C, extreme -22 Degrees C



Decathlon Quechua Outer Bag


Lightweight outer bag to increase the temperature range of your sleeping bag. Adds between 5 and 8 degrees. Also handy for sitting in inside the tent if it turns cold and you don't want to get in the sleeping bag.


Mat - Exped Downmat 9 Pump DLX



The easiest way to get a good warm nights sleep. Highly recommended. Packs small and comfortable. I have used this on Dartmoor when my drinks bottle froze overnight! Cold comes from the ground and this is a good way to avoid a long sleepless night.


Click Here to visit website



Vango Halfmoon Pillow



Not a lot to say really. Fits nicely into the rounded hood of the sleeping bags I use. I also use a small inflatable pillow.

Cooking Equipment

Stove - Jet Boil Flash

Packs small, everything packs in to the main cooking pot. Boils a litre of water extremely rapidly due the use of a FluxRing®. High efficiency heat transfer allows your gas to go farther. The neoprene sleeve allows the stove to be held in the hand whilst hot. The on the side indicate when the contents rech 100 degrees.



Frying Pan - Jetboil Frying Pan



Works with the Jetboil Flash with the addition of a pan stand. This also uses the patented FluxRing® and allows good heat transfer to the pan.



Heating Food - Hot Packs


Flameless heater. Just add water. Ideal for heating up a meal when cooking with a conventional stove is not safe or possible.


More Information Here


Look What We Found


They offer a number of good wholesome ready to eat/reheat meals. Available mailorder and also on some Supermarket shelves.

Click Here to visit website

Show me yours

If you have a favourite gadget then send me an email with a picture (and/or link to a web site where I can download one) along with a few words, about the same as I have done above and I will get it added to the site.
Nick Fern

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