Welcome to the website for the London section of The BMW Club

The London Section is currently suspended

In 2024, mainly due to ill health, the section was reduced to 1 committee member (the treasurer).

It is a requirement of the club that a section has a committee formed of at least 5 members (Secretary, Social Secretary, Treasurer and 2 other members). After consulting the membership of the section at the time not enough volunteers could be found to fill these roles and so the section was suspended. The members were transferred to the section of their choosing or the closest one geographically to their postal address (if they expressed no preference).

If you feel you can get together with other members who live in the London area and would like to re-form the London committee then that would be welcomed by the Club. All you would need to do is contact us by email at president@bmwclubuk.net.

Regardless of this, if you live in the London area you are of course welcome to join the club and we suggest you investigate the following sections surrounding the London area and pick that as your "home" section.

You can always move to another section at any time during your membership - belonging a section generally means they will get some of your subscription money to put towards local events and they should keep in touch with you so you know what is happening. Once you have joined you are a member of the whole club and welcome to attend any meet organised by any section of the club.

If you would like to join the club then please visit the Membership pages of the National website here.