Boreen is an Irish word describing small narrow back roads. The word appears to have been adopted, at least by the BMW Club, to describe riding events both in Ireland and in the UK on these kind of roads.
The Yorkshire Section has decided to organise their own ‘Boreen Run’. After all, Yorkshire is blessed with some of the most delightful and dramatic countryside in England which is crisscrossed with mile upon mile of lovely lanes and byways.
Many Yorkshire Section members are well acquainted with this wild playground for bikers and are well placed to set up the routes and guide you through Gods own County!
All Club members are welcome to book this event but, if you do book, you should be confident of controlling your machine on what might be, at times, steep narrow and grassed over or gravelled roads.
For more information or to make a booking please contact:
Piers M Kurrein yorkshire.social@bmwclubuk.net

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