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Yorkshire Section News January 2021

January 2021, ‘tis the season of resolutions and fasting.  Although if the vibes I’ve been receiving many people will have kept their celebrations, and family get-togethers to a minimum, or done away with altogether to keep the chance and likelihood of Covid 10 transmission as low as possible.  Maybe there’ll be a little less need for fasting, though there’s always room for 1 more resolution, after all, they’re zero calorie intake, just require more will power to succeed.  It’s also when we find the result of the Frostie vs. Barnier (and his 27 mates) endurance negotiation challenge.  Will there be tariffs on EU27 built motorcycles, and if so how much, 10% on £15k is a decent sum, maybe enough to tempt some to move to non-EU27 suppliers, though as some EU27 brands are built in the far east, maybe not in total, but engines etc. just how will that translate when they’re imported, (not simply supplied as pre 31/1/2021 in the single market!) we must wait and see.

Speaking of ‘wait and see’ that just about sums up the Section’s Calendar/Diary of Events for 2021, bar established café meetings, again subject to whatever the current Covid19 regulations, Tiers, etc. allow.  As mentioned last time and advertised in the Journal, there are two camping weekends currently planned, and I understand that some adventurous souls are setting off for a spring camping trip to the USA, that’s the “Uther Side of ‘Arrogate”, not that place across the pond!  Other alternatives are available, e.g. ‘Artlepool, etc. etc.

No doubt last month’s cover would have raised a smile or too, but what you didn’t see were Santa’s gorgeous Elves who kept him going whenever he was flagging…

Heard a good joke the other day; that the Ravens are stuck in the Tower of London and can’t get out due to Corvid 19 regulations.  

I came across some old Bartholomew’s 1/2inch maps recently, dated 1960, and they’re fascinating showing how towns have grown, and in particular the disappearance of railways that served some very small places.

Speaking of miscarriages of justice, and I know strictly it’s not one, but why spoil a suitable intro…I see that the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year aka SPOTY has, yet again ignored, it would seem, the outstanding skills and talent of one Jonathan Rea, World Superbike Champion, not just once or twice but seven times, and all in a row, how FAB is that?  Not knocking the 7 times world F1 champion Lewis, but that’s over several years, and deserves full recognition, but J Rea’s achievement doesn’t seem to merit a mention anywhere, which must be incredibly galling.  OK rant over, for now, but I won’t be voting that’s a certainty.

Had a ‘shufty’ at the new BMW scooter, the GT400, and it’s a really nice scooter, but I just cannot quite see how having a ‘boot’ when parked, that’ll take the helmet etc. but is closed up when the scooter is being ridden, presumably to give sufficient clearance for the rear wheel, is anything at all logical.  Surely one of the main points of a scooter is to run errands, collect groceries, printer cartridges, wine, beer, etc. to take back and without a ‘working boot’ it seems, to me at least, to have lost the plot, Whaddya think? Am I being too much of a pedant?  The same flawed logic also applies to the C650Sport vs. the C650GT, which does have a fixed boot.  However thanks to no. 1 & 2 sons I do have a new bike for 2021, albeit not quite the W800 I asked Santa for; they kindly got me a lovely yellow Honda Monkey bike.  Sadly not a real one but that fab Tamiya model kit, so that’s my long cold January & February evenings sorted out, assembling, and painting said Monkey bike.

Sadly I must continue to reiterate the following as the Club has no Official Events yet: -

The Section Committee must advise that if you decide to join in any events, or visit any of these café it is as private individuals as these are not official Club gatherings.  You should assess the risks as you see them, in the light of current Covid19 guidance, and make a decision to attend only if you feel safe to do so.

I guess a lot of our bikes will be tucked away in their blankets for this and next month, awaiting the return of spring.  So far in our region, there’s been very little in the way of what one might call properly cold days, or even nights, there’s been plenty of rain, but very little frost, but that does mean we should be doubly careful not to get caught out on those days when there is some, particularly adjacent to trees and other areas where shade may be cast from buildings etc.   

If and when you do ride out, take care, it is still winter and the season of frost, slippery roads, and icicles.  We hope that we’ll be able to look forward to seeing you again soon now that we’re into 2021

Above all, for right now, STAY SAFE.  

James Ingham









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