We run "Ride Friendly" track events every year

The Sporting Register is still very much open for business and very active again after the set back of COVID-19. If you would like to be added to our mailing list so you get advanced details of the upcoming events then simply email Robert .

** All days are fully booked **
but you can still apply to be on the reserve list
(do not pay until your place is confirmed) **

Our track days are for road bikes only, preferably ridden to the track, and are aimed at men and women who are basically road riders but fancy a bit of fun on the track now and again.

The Info Sheet & Entry Forms can be downloaded from this site but you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The BMWMCSC was formed in the 70’s and was separate from The BMW Club. The Sporting Club affiliated to the ACU so that the secretary could arrange ACU competition licences. At the time an ACU licence was a requirement for entry into the FIM rally so the majority of BMW Club members attending the rally were also Sporting Club members.

In the 80’s there were up to 15 Sporting Club members taking part in the excellent high speed trials and race meetings organised by the Triumph, Vincent, Velocette and MCC clubs. Two of these riders, now members of our team of instructors, progressed to National level competing on BMW Boxer twins in the Battle of the Twins series with one of them also riding a K100 to the finish in a 1000cc MGP on the Isle of Man mountain circuit. Two other key members of our instructor team are the only British riders ever invited to instruct on motorcycles at the BMW Nürburgring training course.

Throughout its history Sporting Club members competed off road in the MCC Lands End, Exeter and Edinburgh trials on modified road-going solos and sidecar combinations, starting long before the introduction of the GS.

The BMW Club’s ‘Sporting Spirit’ award is given annually to a member competing in a sporting event and in recent years the ‘slightly competitive’ BMW Nürburgring training course became an eligible event. Sadly this course no longer runs, and neither do the high speed trial meetings which declined through the 90’s.

As circumstances changed over the years the Sporting Club no longer needed to keep its accounts separate; it was merged into The BMW Club and became the Sporting Register. On and off for 30 years we have organised track days at Donnington, Goodwood, Mallory, Cadwell and Snetterton. Gone are the days when club members would fill a track day from so we now invite other like-minded riders to join in.

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