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The National Rally 2017

Framlingham, August Bank Holiday
(Fri 25th - Mon 28th August)

The booking forms are in the Journal so what are you waiting for?  Get yourselves booked in and be assured of the best social weekend of the National calendar!

If you would like an electronic version of the booking form (so you don't have to rip a page from your Journal) then please click on the PDF logo below to download the form then print it off, fill it in and send it (along with your payment) to Amanda at the address on the foot of the form.

pdf of form
Booking form

Don't forget to include your order for a t-shirt on the form as we will buy some extras to sell at the event but to keep costs down it'll only be a few - if you pre-order then you are guaranteed to get the size you want!

You can send a cheque or pay by electronic means (bank transfer or PayPal) if you would rather - just contact Amanda for details.

Index to this page

This page includes lots of extra information about the topics listed below - you can read the page from top to bottom or, if you have done that before, use one of these links to get to the stuff you really want to know about:


On site facilities

The following facilities will be available Friday afternoon through to Monday mid-morning:

Draft Timetable

So if all goes to plan then the weekend will go like this:

Don't forget, all food and drink purchased on site will have to be paid for using the special stamp-cards. You purchase these cards using cash or your plastic card from the college staff at the bar then the value of any purchase is stamped off the card until the card is completely stamped. So you may find you need to carry a couple of these cards but don't worry because any credit left on the cards at the end of the weekend can be cashed in before you leave.  Write your name and membership number on the card and then even if you lose it someone will get it back to you.

When planning your weekend please do remember that we have to vacate the site by Monday lunchtime (that means all rooms vacated so they can clear them and the camp site clear of tents and vehicles).


Here are some more specific details about some of the above information:


If you haven't been before then you might like to know the following:


Ride outs will meet up at 9:30 am for a quick briefing and then set off at a relaxed pace. Rides will be around 80 miles with coffee and lunch stops. One ride is for vintage and classic bikes and will be a bit shorter, ending with a stop at Andy Tiernan Classics in Framlingham. Full details of other rides are to follow, but one includes a tour of St Peter's Brewery, Bungay, and another takes you through some of the many scenic villages in Suffolk.


Vintage & Classic Bike Show

The show bikes will be on display between 9am and 12 noon on the Sunday with official judging taking place at 9am when the bikes are expected to look their best. All attendees at the rally will have been presented with a voting slip and will be invited to post their vote for the best bike on display (the voting box will be taken away at noon and the votes counted over lunch). There will then be a presentation of the prizes at 2pm. The rules for the show are fairly straight forward:



As mentioned the proceeds of the auction will go to the East Anglia Air Ambulance, here are some of the items already donated (other donated prizes gladly accepted):

National Rally Poster