East Anglia Section Committee
2019 - 2020

Your committee are here to make sure there is plenty to do every year and like all good committees this takes a few different roles to achieve.

Each year the section holds an AGM which is your main opportunity to come along and either join the committee or at least get to meet and hear them all in one place at one time - you also (of course) get to vote on who you would like to fill the various roles.

Here is a list of the roles.  There is no rule to say that one person can only hold one role and we have found that some of the roles actually fit together well, for example the National Committee Rep and the Secretary are roles often performed by the same person.  Similarly we have also found that some roles can be shared reducing the burden on any one person (so for example the Social Secretary role has been shared between two people in the past very successfully)

Click here to see a Photo of the current committee.

Cliff Hoy ~ Secretary

email ~ eastanglia.secretary@bmwclubuk.net

Tel: 07974 681305 or 0845 003 6880

Calls to the 0845 number should be cheaper for you
(2p/min peak, 0.5p/min off-peak) except from a mobile

Dik Langan ~ Membership Secretary

Also National Committee Rep & Webmaster

email ~ eastanglia.membership@bmwclubuk.net

Tel: 07906 584676

Ian Sparks ~ Social Secretary

email ~ eastanglia.social@bmwclubuk.net

Tel: 07875 607662

Amanda Langan ~ Treasurer

email ~ eastanglia.treasurer@bmwclub.org.uk

Tel: 01473 831692

Keiron Haines ~ Assistant Social Secretary

email ~ eastanglia.social.assistant@bmwclubuk.net

Tel: 01603 486908

Section Vintage & Classic Register Rep

** Situation Vacant **

Kenneth Buchanan ~ Quartermaster

email ~ angusbuchananbmw@gmail.com

Tel: 01206 262275

As you will understand in the current circumstances, trying to get the committee together for a photoraph (and then having them stand 2 meters apart but still fit them in one photo) is proving tricky so we may try to get pictures of each and post them next to the names.

The Committee
Your Committee
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